About Luke Lee

Luke grew up on the great Islands of New Zealand. Constantly on the move due to the development of his fathers career was the catalyst for Luke's constant want to explore and live and experience multiple countries and cultures.

Luke has now lived and worked in 6 countries ranging from the South Pacific, Europe and the USA which is where he now resides in the Bay Area of San Francisco. 

Luke is a self taught photographer, the majority of his learning came by picking up photography magazines in airports while on the constant move, replicating images he admired, making errors, creating successes and kept repeating until his abilities became of natural instinct. 

Luke would categorize himself as an Action Sports/Adventure Photographer with substantial influence by his initial love for Landscape Photography. 

Although his passion is photography, Luke has a successful career in the Tech Industry leading a successful services sales organization in one of the largest tech companies globally. His business etiquette sets him apart in a very saturated adventure photography market. Spending 10 mins with Luke, you'll find marketing, sales and customer focus is at the forefront of his mind in not only his interactions but in his creativity.

On a personal level, Luke has a dry sense of humor (like most kiwi's) and likes the banter (comes from being in Ireland for too many years), is humble, passionate about surf, wake and snowboarding as well as camping, mountain biking, pilates and hiking. He is the happiest when outside in the company of like minded amazing people and wouldn't swap these passions and opportunities for anything.....

Imagine, Capture, Inspire....

Photo: Courtesy of Ben Canevari of Canevari Photo

Photo:  Courtesy of   B  en Canevari of  Canevari Photo

Photo: Courtesy of Ben Canevari of Canevari Photo